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Hi People (COMPOSED ON THE SAT 5TH jAN 2008)

I’ve received the following from the Heath dental hospital on Saturday 5th January 2008. Dated the 4th January 2008.

Dear Mr. Gabriel

I am writing on behalf of Mr. Huw Ross Chief Executive to acknowledge receipt of your written complaint hand delivered on the 3rd January 2008, regarding the treatment you received at the Dental Hospital on the 27th December 2007.

I am sorry that you have had cause to complain. In order for an investigation to commence, in line with the Data Protection Act, the consent form attached will have to be completed and returned as soon as possible. When the consent form has been received, an investigation will commence into the issues raised and a formal response from the Chief Executive will be sent to you within 20 days.

For your information also enclosed is a copy of our ‘Your views are important to us’ leaflet, which explains the Complaints Procedure in more detail.

However, in the meantime, should you wish to discuss the situation further, please do not hesitate to contact me, Lynne Jones on 029 20 742411.

Yours sincerely
Lynne Jones (Mrs)
Assistant Directorate Manager

And the consent form reads

This form is to be completed by the Patient

I,…………………. agree that the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust can use my health records and my personal identifiable information relevant to my health care to investigate my complaint.

I understand that access to my records and personal information will be limited to what is relevant to the investigation of the complaint. However, they will only be disclosed to those individuals who will be investigating my complaint.

Name of patient


Date of birth:

Hospital no:
(if known)

Signature of patient:


I also understand that my complaint could pass through three stages within the complaints procedure as follows:

Local Resolution

Independent Review

Health Service Commissioner (Ombudsman)

Can anybody tell me why the Chief Executive cannot answer the questions raised in my blog addressed to Edwina Hart, without me having to fill in this form of theirs?????????????????

Seems to me that my records have been accessed by the Chief Executive in order for Mrs Jones to be able to write me this letter because I did not address the hand delivered copy of my blog.

I think the questions raised in my complaint can be handled real easy without my having to submit to filling in this form Mrs. Jones, or maybe my Assembly Member can ask the Health Minister the questions to ask the Chief Executive without my having to submit to filling in this consent form. That’s if Edwina Hart is more conscientious in her role as Health Minister, than she ever was as the Minister of Justice.

Failing to answer the questions raised in my complaint without my filling in of this form, will no doubt prove, yet another department of the NHS whose sole purpose appears to be in protecting itself, and its staff, rather than any interest in Patient Health Care.

However Mrs Jones having thought the matter through and while the unnecessary bureaucracy of uyour request, seems to be yet more waste of money by the NHS because they swim in it. I do agree that you can fish out my dental records that weren’t updated to your system and are in storage, that is unless they have, like my letters to the Ombudsman oops gone missing. Although once again I question the need for that regarding the complaint made and the questions asked. As for NHS complaint procedure’s you will see in my blogs that I have no faith in them what so ever, or any true accountability, rather it appears a system designed with the protectionism of the Health Care Professional as its driving force.

All the Best People
That in this instance means a future where implants will be part of NHS Treatment as a matter of course, for all those in the process of losing their Adult Teeth. Maybe also a whole lot more scrutiny of the Health Care Professionals and their role in bleeding the NHS dry. Eh Mr. Bevan!

Love n Light People from Crazydave.


Here are some thoughts on the current debates in the media. I suggest the Conservative party check out the podcast of the Steven Nolan show on 5 Live this Saturday 5th January, and find out how vulnerable adults experience life on social security.

What no one has mentioned in the debate on the gas n electric increases is the conflict of interest of a government paid watchdog really fighting on the consumers behalf. When Government stand to fill their coffers with greater VAT yield????????

You didn’t mention that aspect on your Talk show Mr. Galloway. I wonder if you might get your Klever Komrade Kevin to find out what the Government is likely to increase its yield it by in 2008, due to these hikes in charges.

Maybe the Government are keeping stum because they need to fill the War chest as its been so pillaged by an illegal war on another country, in order to cause regime change, destabilise the oil market and fleece the general public, because oil is now, due to their actions, 100$ a barrel.

I would also like to know how is it that none of the Political Parties are asking when are we going to see 20,000 micro water wheels on our rivers, producing electricity 365 days a year 24/7 ???????

Or is it because Crazydave raised the issue that nothing is as far as I am aware being done to expedite usage of this renewable source of energy???

Well no ones debating it are they Mr. Galloway? Yet you have all the airtime in which to ask these questions. To call attention to it. for the public good, on your show. If government were indeed serious about the welfare of the people, and the environment, then you would have thought by now they, along with the rest of the European Union we would be pulling out all the stops to harness what energy we can from our rivers??????????????????????????

Or is it to cheap a form of energy? With not enough profit for government?


Here we go Mr. Cameron and his party are seeking to hound the vulnerable, because the media Oh so love to hit the weakest in society the ‘lets have someone to ridicule’ for the apparent ills of our society. Then we have Mr. Gordon Brown with his call for a 1.9% increase in minister’s salaries.

I did a little calculation earlier today if your earning £2,000.00 per week at a 2% increase you will have an additional £40.00 a week rise. If your earning £200.00 a 2% rise will mean £4.00 per week rise. I believe that percentage wage increases have been designed to keep the rich even richer and the poor even poorer. You can see the differential over time, why don’t you extrapolate the effect over 10 years. Oh very nice say the Wealthy but is it?

Isn’t it about time a new way of figuring wage increases came into being because if you believe this is not a flawed system then you’re either a fool, or your benefiting from it. It’s obvious from the illustration above that the poor are not. Designed by the affluent to keep them that way. Or so it would seem.

Rather than penalising the vulnerable, perhaps the PM and his cabinet can change the legislation that I have been calling for. So that you will not have a situation where a 64 year old with MS is sleeping in a car for the last 2.5 years. Or have income support recipients prior to the hike in cost wrapping themselves in duvets because they cannot afford to heat their homes adequately. Raise their benefit levels, so that they can be even more economically active than their subsistence allowance currently allows for, and greater prosperity will flow to all.

Maybe even have the courage of their convictions and re-nationalise the utilities. They like to talk of the over manning in the old days of the Nationalised industries. Surely all these energy companies, who are in the main, just bill processors for the power generators, are only duplicating that. I’ve said it once and I will say it again. The sole purpose in the privatisation of the energy companies was purely to create more white-collar jobs in an economy that was moving away from manufacturing and had nothing to do with competition, and like the food companies caught price fixing, these utility companies apparently do the same.

Will my next painting be Robin Hood with the words ‘GOVERNMENT TAKE FROM THE POOR AND GIVE TO THE RICH’ Evidence for that statement? The Welsh Assemblies do nothing regarding the rateable value of this property, or their unwillingness to call Dwr Cymru to account over their refusal to write off my ‘suppose debt’ and to carry on charging this property, a third more than our neighbours. All because it has been sub-divided.


That would be nice your Majesty. That sure would make a change to many lives on this Hallowed Isle. If only I could hear you quote a line from star trek Maaaarm ‘MAKE IT SO’ I am sure if you did, even your detractors would have to admit, the Queen did the right thing for the people.

Love n Light from Crazydave.


Hi everybody I had a little fun with my calculator on sunday and that make for interesting reading.
mp salary average public service worker
£60,000.00 x 2% £20,000.00 X 2%
=£1,200 pa rise =£400 pa rise

a difference of £816 pa to the MP's

If the 2% were kept as it is over ten years the salary differences would be.

£73,139.67 £24,379.86

or £13,139.67 increase compared to £4,379.86
so instead of a £40,000.00 a year difference between the the MP and the public service employee the difference will now be £48,759.81 the rich getting richer, eh Mr Evans. So lets all decide a more judicious approach shall we.

The £1,200.00 equates to £23 pound per week increase. That sure would be nice for vulnerable adults on minimum benefit levels, rather than 2% of £4,700 equating to £1.80 per week or £94 per year. Eh First Minister.

For the record and for the royal mail on the 12th Dec 2007 I sent a track n trace signed for to Judge Hickinbottom with a copy of my Slanderous blog regarding his part in conspiring to pervert the course of Justice with regards to the DLA Tribunal Service. That as ity stands today monday the 7th Jan 2008 is still apparently not on the Royal Mail Site.

Question do I have to take a copy to the Tribunal Service and as them to Fax it to the Judges office. Based on the lies they have told me in the past what is the likelyhood of them doing that Chief Constable??? Or do I take it to the office address that I received the initial reply from the Judge and ask for a receipt???????????????????????????????

I did notice at the Conservative party HQ on the way to the Library that the car park was full of lots of expensive cars today. I wonder why Mr. Jonathan Morgan?????????????????????


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